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Palestine. The Holy Land. This tiny piece of land has been the center of the world since the beginning of time. Several civilizations, empires, and kingdoms vied for and subjugated this finite land in search for preponderancy and sacred virtues. While all conquering civilizations had elapsed, one sovereign thing is still prevailing. It is the land’s legacy of providing opulence. Relentlessly and benevolently, the holy land has been offering survival delicacies for all passing inhabitants equally. Delicacies such as olive oil, dates, and indigenous wild plants have been tenaciously ruling this land longer and stronger than all ephemeral occupiers. 

HolyLandOrganics™️, (hlo) is a native Palestinian company located in Jenin-Palestine aims to offer the world an access to the rare and exclusive edible treasures of the ancient Holy Land. Our goal is to connect people around the world with the land that has been the center of attention for all humankind civilizations since the creation of life. Since our early days of establishing the company back in 2010, our mission has been to: “preserve our heritage while providing you with the pleasant experience of Palestine.”

HolyLandOrganics™️ has a sociocultural mission built around the idea that as the native inhabitants of this land (Palestine), we have the responsibility and obligation to discover, preserve, grow, and share the unique prehistoric delicacies as the center of our culture. Our aspiration is to give the world a true experience of living the culture of the ancient Palestinians by sharing their rare native products. Our philosophy is to completely eliminate the lengthy chain of logistics and to collaboratively and directly work with rural farmers to offer their products at the global market. Thus, our modus operandi is built around adapting the “farm-to-table” concept where the passionately crafted products are delivered at the highest quality and freshness.

HolyLandOrganics™️ is committed to providing the highest quality of native heirlooms and locally made products to the rest of the world, while ensuring the welfare and sustainability of both the people and the land of Palestine. Locally, and by adapting the direct trade concept, hlo is aiming to improve the quality of the neglected famers’ lives by offering their products in global markets while paying them fair prices. Simultaneously, the company strives to improve the quality of farming by increasing the awareness of agricultural sustainability and the value of the rare native species locals inherited from their ancestors.

HolyLandOrganics™️ offers several exclusive products listed under four trademarked brands. (baladi, lava pepper, holy land water, revive). The First brand is baladi. The word means indigenous, local, native, rural, authentic, ancient, wild, and organic. Being “baladi” is a major aspect of any nation’s culture, country`s identity, and product superiority. The second brand is lava peppers. An exclusive and exceptionally hot-pungent capsicum variety created by us at hlo after spending several years of breeding efforts in attempts to produce the hottest, tastiest, and highest quality chili pepper in the world. The third brand is holy land water, a very simple, yet very special fresh drinking water flowing thousands of feet underneath the surface. The holy land water aquifers are naturally protected by layers of granite deep in the ground away from any pollution or contamination. The fourth brand created by us is revive; a health and beauty line of products which utilizes only the organic ingredients to craft high quality personal care items such as essential oil and handmade soaps.


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