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Water, the transparent, tasteless, odorless, and nearly colorless chemical substance is the secret of life; it is how life starts and evolves for all living organisms. It is vital for all known forms of life, even though it provides no calories or organic nutrients. The health benefits have been accepted by medical experts across the globe. It is the most abundant compound present on this earth. All living forms, in one or the other form, require water for their metabolic activities. It plays a vital role in our body and it is impossible to imagine the existence of an individual without it.

 Holy Land Water is the priceless hidden treasure for the secret of life coming from the deep aquifers of Palestine the Holy Land where the underground pure natural water streams are protected thousands of feet deep away from any pollution, contamination, or human interferes. No changes applied to the natural from or ingredients for this refreshing spring drinking water.

Water helps in the prevention of constipation, heartburn, migraines, gastritis, ulcers, kidney stones, cardiovascular disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, backaches, and osteoporosis. It is required in excess amounts for pregnant women and nursing mothers. It also plays important roles in kidney function and skin care. Water is critical to the balance of all the body's systems and organs. Proper hydration is the bedrock for maintaining healthy blood flow, kidney function, salt/electrolyte balance and digestive functions. Water is an essential component of our body and plays a vital role in maintaining nearly all major organ systems of the body. The human body contains 2/3 water by weight. Blood, muscles, brain matter, and bones are also composed of 83%, 75%, 74%, and 22% of water, respectively.

Improves Energy Levels & Immunity

The human body maintains a pH range of 7.35-7.45 for proper physiological processes. An acidic shift may lead to sickness and an inability of the body to assimilate vitamins and minerals. Thus, it should be above the value of 7, which is favorable to the body’s oxygen uptake, higher energy levels, and a better immune response to diseases. This is attainable by consuming lots of water.

Boosts Physical Performance

Dehydration can cause fatigue, reduced motivation, and mood swings. Several studies have been conducted on the role of water and hydration in physical performance, particularly in athletes. Under mild dehydration levels, people engaged in vigorous physical activity experience a dip in performance levels related to reduced endurance, increased fatigue, reduced motivation, and increased perceived effort. Therefore, consumption of ample amounts of water by the body is very important to improve the energy levels while exercising and improving the overall physical performance of your body especially the muscles and joints. 

Improves Brain Function & Prevents Headaches

A properly hydrated body is shown to perform more complex tasks than a dehydrated body. It helps in improving the mood, boosting memory, reducing the frequency of headaches, and improving brain function. If the body experiences fluid loss, it can lead to anxiety and excessive fatigue. 

Clears Toxins

Water is the carrier of oxygen, nutrients, and hormones to the body parts and also provides a medium for the removal of toxins, dead cells, and waste material. The proteins and enzymes involved in various fundamental processes also require water for their proper functioning. The excretory material in the form of urea is also highly toxic to body tissues and must be diluted before their passage. This is again done by the ‘universal solvent’ – water.

Weight loss

With zero calories and the ability to make you feel full, consumption of it can help promote weight loss. It also promotes metabolism and thereby aids weight loss. Drinking 500 ml of water increased the metabolic rate by 30 percent. 

Skin Care

It's understandable that if your body is composed of 60% water, dehydration will harm your skin. Our skin is an organ. And water is important for organ function. "If your skin is not getting the sufficient amount of water, the lack of hydration will present itself by turning your skin dry, tight and flaky. Dry skin has less resilience and is more prone to wrinkling." Drinking water is great for your skin. It helps to moisturize it, keep it soft, and removes wrinkles. A number of skin problems can be prevented by drinking adequate amounts of water. 

Relieves Constipation

It is one of the major components that promote the smooth functioning of our digestive tract. It helps in maintaining regular bowel movements and in preventing any difficulty in passing stool. Carbonated water is shown to have the most positive effects of constipation.

Reduce Hangover Symptoms

The feeling of a dry mouth, thirst, fatigue, and headache, caused by a heavy night of drinking can be reduced by ample intake of water. It reduces the symptoms of hangover that are caused by dehydration and thereby makes you feel better.

Alleviates Cramps & Sprains

Warm or hot water is a very useful remedy for easing cramps and sprains, as they are usually a result of dehydration in the body.

Improves Kidney Function

According to the International Kidney Stone Institute, 2 liters or 10 glasses of water must be consumed each day to prevent the formation of kidney stones. It is the best solvent and this property does not allow salts and minerals to accumulate to form stones, as the salt reaching the kidney gets diluted and eliminated in the urine.

Regulates Body Temperature

Much of the human body is made up of water and this fluid is responsible for the regulation of body temperature. We undergo perspiration in summers to dissipate the excess heat in order to lower our temperature. This temperature regulation property has been attributed to it as well.

Prevents Osteoporosis

According to the research conducted by the Linus Pauling Institute, individuals drinking adequate amounts of water have reduced risks of osteoporosis and hip fractures. 

Promotes Breathing

It plays its role in distributing oxygen all over the human body while collecting the carbon dioxide from all these parts and dissolving these gases.

Reduces Backaches

The back of our body rests on the spinal cord. The spinal disk core is made up of a large volume of water and dehydration, which leads to back pain in many individuals.

Prevents Heart Disease

It can prevent cardiovascular disorders to a large degree. It maintains the proper viscosity of blood and plasma and fibrinogen distribution. Therefore, adequate hydration of vascular components is advisable.