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Dry Pods

Dry Pods

Tasting LAVA Peppers is literally the experience of trying the melting rock (actual lava) in your mouth. The LAVA varieties have an exceptionally heat levels above 2.5 million SHU combined with natural Smokey like flavor with sharp tone of sweetness and strong aromatic flavor.


Several clients have been ordering the dry intact LAVA Pods to use in their food processing operations. Our stemless, dry pods are fully ripen on plant, processed on the same day of harvest, slowly dried using clean hot air circulation system, not exposed to any radiation, smoke, direct sunlight, chemical, preservatives, insects …etc, packed directly after drying to avoid regaining moisture, or contracting dust. The whole pods give the final user the widest options of usage: they can be used whole in cooking, or grounded into any fineness as favorable. The whole pods using and cooking process requires an experienced handler.    



The same fresh LAVA pods are cut before drying into halves then dried and packed into the proper food grade containers meeting client’s preferable size and method of packing. The halves are used mostly by clients make superhot marinades especially for barbeque and roast style cooking. The halves give the maximum heat and flavor but without actually have the residue of the flakes or powders in the meal. Therefore when using halves, the chief benefits from even, clean, and sharp taste without the presence of the actual pepper while cooking.