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LAVA Powder is an outrageously HOT chili powder with exceptionally sweet and very aromatic floral profile preferred by extreme hot sauce marker due to the natural tropical fruity like smell and taste. 

The LAVA powder contains three different adjustable customized categories based on the fineness. The dry pods are crushed into 8 mesh size flakes for those preferring to use small sizes of the pods. Pepper flakes are used in various forms of cooking such as adding to pickles, marinades, stir fry cooking, and anywhere users like to see the small pieces of LAVA floating around in their cooking.  

The second size is coarse ground powder. This product comes at adjustable 25 mesh for users prefer to user rough texture of the LAVA powder such as adding to the jerky manufacturing process, or creating their own specialty seasoning mix.      

The third size of LAVA powder is the fine grade comes at 50 mesh standard with possibility to adjust the fineness. The fine powders is the most sought-after by hot sauce makers because if dissolves during the process of cooking, similarly this product is the used on soups, strews, and sauces.


LAVA Personal Shaker 5g

This tiny, carry on, personal user lava pepper shaker is a key element in reflecting your identity, passion, flavor, and attitude. It simply tells the rest of the world how much of a serious chilihead you are.  You are not only a spice/heat lover; you are a walking person “packing heat” all the time to use. This very exclusively customized, very thick, very secure pepper shaker is designed to be your mealmate literally anywhere and anytime with any meal. Whether you are home, at work, on the go, traveling, flying overseas, or cursing the oceans, this LAVA powder will fit anywhere in your car, small bag, purse, or pocket. 


LAVA Powder 

A long lasting supply of LAVA powder packed in this thick durable plastic jar for extra safety measures. Like with all our LAVA products, this fine powder is to be handled with extreme caution. Moreover, please don’t use your hands to directly take some out, instead, use small spoon, or refill in a shaker. This jar is to be stored out of reach of children before and after opening. When completely consumed, the empty container must not be reused for another purpose as the residue of the powder cannot be eliminated.