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Sauce & Paste

LAVA Sauce  

Lava hot sauce is the hottest chili pepper sauce you can find anywhere in the world. This hot sauce is so hot only very few amounts can be used with extreme caution. The main ingredient in this nuclear hot sauce is the organically grown full ripe red lava pods combined with sea salt olive oil. The taste of this exceptionally spicy hot sauce is the authentic flavor of the lava pods when consumed fresh. This hot sauce is slowly cooked so there is not any type of preservatives used to extend the shelf life  

LAVA Paste  

This is the hottest chili pepper paste ever created. Using the same fully ripe fresh LAVA pods in the drying process, the red fresh pods are ground and packed with only adding salt and vinegar as natural preservatives. This chili paste can be used at very small portions as seasoning ingredient for all kinds of cooking where extreme heat is preferred. Like with all other LAVA products, this paste must be handled with extreme caution. The paste has very strong Capsicum Chinense aroma perfectly combined with acidic taste from the vinegar.